SCOTLAND Stands Against Genocide

Over 200 days have passed since Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza began. Over 75 years have passed since Israel started its settler colonial project on Palestinian land. We have been on the streets demonstrating for an end to the genocide, the occupation, apartheid, and for a free Palestine. We have written to our MPs and MSPs. We have signed petitions. We have attended meetings. We have engaged with panel discussions, events, and other solidarity gatherings. We have used every avenue available to us in Scotland. Yet, the genocide continues, and every day we see the new worst thing we’ve ever seen. We receive condolences and empty outrage/condemnations from people in positions of power, and yet the sale of weapons and arms that enable this genocide continue. We are here because we’ve had enough. We will not be complicit in genocide. We are here with demands. We are here in solidarity with Gaza, and we will continue the fight for a free Palestine.



We demand that the Scottish Government apply pressure on the UK government to enact an embargo on all Israeli arm sales. We request transparency regarding profits made by the UK government on arm export to Israel since October 7th. Since 2015, the UK government has granted 1250 export licenses for military goods to Israel valued at £489m.



We demand for divestment of local pensions funds' holding in Israeli companies and complicit companies. For example, Lockheed Martin is the biggest investment of the Lothian Pension fund with £96m in holdings as of January 2024.



We demand for a statement to be issued recognising the Genocide of Palestinians by Israel. Although the Scottish Government has called for a ceasefire, this is not enough, we ask that they recognise that Israel is a settler colonial project enacting a genocide on the Palestinian people.

Our demands


We demand that the Scottish Government pushes for financial divestment and academic boycott from local Universities. As of January 2024, the University of Edinburgh invested up to £59m in companies complicit in ethnic cleansing such as BlackRock and Amazon.



We demand that the Scottish Government reaffirms the right to protest and reduce policing, silencing and suppression of activists for Palestine.

Our demands

Anti-Boycott Bill

We demand that the Scottish Government acknowledge that the Anti-Boycott Bill will infringe upon Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Action. We demand that the Scottish Government act to protect its residents from this resolution if it is implemented.

Our demands

Permanent Ceaserfire & Free Palestine

We demand that the Scottish Government applies added pressure on the UK government to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, sanctions on Israel for expanding Settlements in the West bank, and an end to the occupation of Palestine.


After much time thinking and praying through this decision I have decided to partake in a hunger strike outside the Scottish Parliament in protest to UK and Scotland’s complicity to the crimes of genocide happening in Gaza.The decision to do this has come from a place of deep unresolvable grief. After 6 months of destruction and death, I’ve only wanted to scream, fight, and destroy in rage of the injustices in Gaza. Even with all this desire to rage I have always only found myself in a spaces of silence. Not silence of inaction, that is not what I am meaning. But a silence of disbelief. Of disbelief of the overwhelming magnitude of the reality that is happening in Gaza. I have stayed in this space of silence for a long time now, not knowing how I can channel this silence into action. That is I guess where I am finding myself in this moment. I have come to realise that there is nothing louder than the silence of hunger.My decision to go on strike is formed by witnessing the courageous students at Brown University who embarked on an 8 day hunger strike, as well as countless activists who have embarked on strikes outside Washington. My decision to commit to a strike also comes through a space of being in complete physical solidarity with the reality of Gaza. A reality in which Palestinians are experiencing famine. This decision also comes in honouring the long history of hunger strike within Palestinian resistance, used by Palestinian prisoners who are held within Israeli prisons with no charges, no legal rights, and no trials, for years, whose only form of protest has been through hunger strike.

I will be joined in solidarity with dozens of my comrades (& hopefully many more), camping outside the Scottish Parliament starting today. We are occupying the land to show our immediate and direct need to act against the UK’s complicity in the genocide happening in Gaza. We are taking the land to protest and demand for an arms embargo to Israel. We believe that solidarity in words is no longer enough, solidarity in wearing a keffiyeh is no longer enough, solidarity in chanting is no longer enough. What is needed now is direct action. We believe that only through direct action can we hope to achieve the route towards Palestinian liberation.We are building the camp as a way for all of us to join together in a radical community. We want to learn from each other, and with each other, so we may better create a network of resistance. During our occupation of the land, we will have workshops, jam sessions, reading groups, and many more things. If you have something to teach or give to the camp, the space is open and we want to learn. So come to teach. Come to learn. Come and bring your knowledge. Bring your friends, bring your partners, bring your parents, bring your tents, bring your sleeping bags, bring your guitars, and music, and poetry. Bring banners and chants. Bring your joy, and your love, your grief and your hope. Bring your resistance and come join us in this communion fighting against injustice.I am honoured and humbled to embark on this hunger strike in space and amongst comrades who are all fighting towards a more just and free world.

community guidelines


1. We stay grounded in why we are here, and focus our eyes on Gaza. We are in solidarity with the Palestinian people facing (UK-funded and armed) genocide and ethnic cleaning in the deadliest year in a 75 year-long occupation.2. We reject normalisation. We are strongly committed to the values of collective liberation of all people. For this reason, we reaffirm our commitment to Palestinian resistance and freedom and remain uncompromising on the Thawabit.
- We do not support a two-state solution or two-sideism.
- We do not align with any political party or politicians.
3. We are strongly committed to eradicating anti-semitism and Islamophobia and will not welcome any rhetoric of this kind in our spaces.4. This camp will be a space for radical learning and community knowledge exchange. In this spirit, we come in with a learning mentality.5. We keep ourselves and others safe by protecting our identities and those of our fellow campers. We never take videos including faces, and any photos and videos are with explicit consent. We do not talk to police (unless specifically appointed as a liaison) and follow the security guidelines agreed on here.6. We do not engage with agitators. We use a strategy of de-escalation, and make sure to keep each other safe. By not engaging with Zionist counter-protestors or agitators, we avoid distraction and police escalation.7. We respect one another's boundaries.8. We respect the land we are occupying – no littering.9. We agree not to use drugs or alcohol while in the camp, to make sure all feel comfortable and avoid police targeting, as well as to not bring an atmosphere of 'partying' to a space centered around grief and protest.10. When considering taking autonomous action, we consider the risk levels of the rest of the group and make sure there is group consent to an escalation in risk level.


You can support the encampment in the following ways:

1. Join us!

You can find join the encampment in front of the Scottish Parliament building (EH99 1SP). Dress warmly, bring camping gear if you have it, and wear a face mask.

2. Provide supplies or donate funds

You can drop off supplies during daylight hours. Our camp needs supplies like tents, sleeping bags, wet wipes, food, and drinks. Please ensure that all products are BDS compliant. You can find our developing list of needs below.

3. Use your voice

Share information about the action and call on your elected officials to address our demands. You can find out who represents you and write to them here.


While we are always happy to accept supplies, what we need the most right now is people. So, if you are able, please join the encampment in person to keep it going!This list is updated regularly with what we need. Please drop BDS compliant items off during daylight hours. The encampment is located in front of the Scottish Parliament Building (EH99 1SP).


  • Wellies (especially size 6)

  • Warm socks

  • Rain ponchos

  • Non-perishable snacks and biscuits